Revolutionary Laundry Facility Unveiled at Ulster Hospital

22nd August 2023
Staff member unloading items from dryer in new laundry area

In a significant leap forward for healthcare hygiene, the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust is proud to open its state-of-the-art laundry facility on the Ulster Hospital site.

This cutting-edge facility represents a major investment in a vital hospital service, which processes over 83,000 items every week. The facility boasts advanced laundry equipment which uses innovative cleaning technologies, ensuring thorough disinfection and maintenance of the highest cleanliness standards.  New equipment such as washers can process up to 1,300 kg of laundry in just an hour, including linens and uniforms and there is an ironer that can press and fold 900 sheets in an hour!

The new laundry also has a blanket folder capable of folding 400 blankets and a towel folder, processing 650 towels, all in an hour.

Its modern infrastructure means operations are streamlined, resulting in faster turnaround times.

Clean linen is essential in order to provide safe and effective care to our patients. If the laundry service failed, it would have a major impact on service provision and potentially result in the closure of beds and postponement of procedures.

With an increased capacity, the new facility can accommodate the escalating demand for laundry services, catering to the needs of the hospital as well as other healthcare facilities throughout the Trust area.

Welcoming the opening of the new facility, Laundry Supervisor, Andrew Savage said, “Compared to the previous laundry, this new facility is amazing.  With the new machinery and technology, we can process laundry items a lot faster.  It is such a lovely, working environment too and that makes a massive difference. You are excited coming into work every day!”

Highlighting the benefits, Assistant Director of Patient Experience, Jeff Thompson added, “The new, advanced facility will add strength and resilience to the regional Health and Social Care laundry service, providing additional capacity. The laundry, which provides an on-site processing unit using the shell of an existing building, lowers the carbon footprint of the development.  We are delighted that this project has been delivered in partnership with the laundry service and our staff are truly excited to work in a more comfortable and efficient workplace.”

The new laundry facility has been designed with a strong emphasis on eco-friendliness. Energy-efficient machinery and sustainable practices contribute to the hospital’s environmental initiatives.

The cutting-edge laundry processes at the facility adhere to stringent infection control protocols, mitigating the risk of cross-contamination and supporting the hospital’s commitment to patient safety.

The opening of this new laundry facility signifies the Trust’s dedication to deliver exceptional patient care by incorporating the latest technological advancements, along with best practice.