Safe Access Zones

29th September 2023

Safe Access Zones are now in place at health service locations across Northern Ireland.

They become operational at 00:01 on the 29 September 2023.

In the South Eastern Trust the Safe Access Zones are at the Ulster Hospital and the Lagan Valley Hospital.

Safe Access Zones are being established under NI Assembly legislation to protect women and girls accessing abortion services, information, advice and counselling, and protect staff working at these locations. It will be illegal for them to be impeded, recorded, influenced or to be caused harassment, alarm or distress within the Zones.

Under the legislation, Safe Access Zones can be established in the vicinity of health care premises providing lawful abortions, as well as at premises where information, advice or counselling about abortion services are provided. The Zones will include the protected premises where these services are provided, as well as adjoining public space between 100m-250m from entrances or exits of the protected premises.

Information on the location of each Safe Access Zone will be displayed at all protected premises. Public signage will highlight the legal requirements at each Zone.

The Zones will only apply to the strictly designated public space areas. They do not apply to private properties.

The legislation enabling their establishment is the Abortion Services (Safe Access Zones) Act (Northern Ireland) 2023.

Locations for the SAZ protected premises are listed below:
(Click on the location to open a map of the zone)

Safe Access Zones – Signage Locations

More information on Safe Access Zones is available on the Department of Health website: Safe Access Zones | Department of Health (

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