Spotlight Shines on Ulster Hospital’s Macmillan Nurses on World Cancer Day

5th February 2024
Jenny McGreevy Registered Nurse

“People are always so surprised when they come to the Macmillan Cancer Unit at the Ulster Hospital. They are expecting somewhere downcast, pessimistic but they are always really surprised that it’s bright, airy and it’s such a positive environment to be in.” These are the words of Jenny McGreevy who has been a nurse at the Macmillan Unit for five years.

Sunday February 4 is World Cancer Day. It creates public awareness about early detection, prevention and treatment. Nurses from the Macmillan Cancer Unit are keen to explain how rewarding it is to provide dedicated care and comfort to those undergoing treatment.

The Macmillan Health and Wellbeing Service offers information and much valued support to all those affected and living with cancer; from those with concerns relating to diagnosis or those caring for someone with cancer, as well as those who just wish to know more about how to reduce their risk.

Jenny McGreevy explained, “I have always had an interest in oncology patients and I felt it would a really rewarding area to specialise in.

“In the Macmillan Unit we see our patient’s week in and week out and you really build up that bond, that relationship with your patients. That is something that you don’t always get. For me it’s so rewarding when you come here and you feel that you are doing a good job for people and helping the patient through that difficult journey that they are going through.”

Savanna Connell reflected how she began her career as a Health Care Assistant but quickly realised that she would like to become a Nurse. “The South Eastern Trust was very supportive and encouraged me to complete my nursing degree in the Open University. It was such a great opportunity.

“I love it! I love interacting with the patients and because they return many times to the Unit, you really get to know them and their families. Having someone to listen to, to talk to, can bring so much comfort. Everybody here absolutely loves their job and giving support to their patients.

“Being in this Unit makes be proud of my job. It makes me proud to be a Nurse.”