State of Art Vaccine Vehicle Hits the Road

23rd September 2021
Picture of new vaccine bus

The South Eastern HSC Trust is proud to unveil its new vaccination vehicle.  It has been put to work immediately and will be going out to our care homes in the South Eastern Trust area to support the delivery of Covid-19 boosters to both residents and staff.  The vehicle will then visit the Balmoral show for four days from Wednesday 22 September – Saturday 25 September 2022.

The bespoke design ensures privacy and dignity for those being vaccinated, while the clinical area ensures vaccine storage and administration standards are met. It has been custom made with two vaccination/consultation booths, a suitable drugs fridge, microwave/kettle facilities, TV screen, awning and a temperature scanner.

After the vaccination programme ends the vehicle will be put to good use in the community, where it may be able to provide services to patients and save visits to hospitals for treatments. Our diabetic and other specialist teams have already expressed an interest in using the vehicle.

Richard Walker, Service Lead (Transport, Travel & Car Parking) says “ I am delighted to take delivery of this state of the art bespoke vehicle, which I know will be a real asset to the Trust and our community teams.”

“The vehicle lends itself to multiple uses, including providing nurse led treatments and education. Colleagues in other Trusts are already very interested in using a bus like this in the future. Fergal Magee, who was recruited through the workforce appeal over 12 months ago, will be driving the new vehicle and he says he can’t wait to get behind the wheel!”

This new state of the art vehicle will increase our capacity to deliver COVID-19 Boosters and the Flu Vaccine to our population.