CT Scanner Unveiled at Downe Hospital

1st July 2022
Philips Spectral CT 7500

The Downe Hospital’s scanner has been replaced by a new state of the art version that will benefit patients in the community, which the Trust serves.

This investment has been warmly welcomed by staff at the Downe Hospital, as the new scanner means a wider range of scans can take place, including bowel screenings and oncology scans, which are vital for early detection and diagnosis.

A CT is a type of scan that uses X-rays to produce detailed pictures of the body in “slice sections”, which is carried out and assessed by a radiographer. CT scans are vital in diagnosing conditions such as cancer.

The Director of Hospital Services in the South Eastern Trust , David Robinson explained how the size of the scanner means both children and adults can use it adding, “The South Eastern Trust is committed to investing in all of our hospitals and is trruly delighted to provide the Downe Hospital with this essential, potentially life saving piece of equipment.”