Stroke Doctor Receives Prestigious Medical Excellence Award

29th September 2023
Dr James Irvine

Geriatric Medicine Registrar, Dr James Irvine who is based in the Stroke Unit in the Ulster Hospital, has won the prestigious Turner Warwick Prize for the Northern Ireland region, presented by the Royal College of Physicians London, for his outstanding lecture entitled “Reducing door to needle time through simulation-based education.”

This esteemed recognition highlights Dr Irvine’s significant contribution to the field of stroke medicine and his commitment to improving patient care through innovative educational methods.

The Turner Warwick Prize is awarded annually to physicians who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and ingenuity in their medical practice, teaching, or research.

In his lecture, Dr Irvine presented a ground-breaking approach to reducing door-to-needle time in the treatment of stroke patients through the use of simulation-based education techniques. Dr Irvine demonstrated how healthcare professionals can enhance their skills and decision-making abilities, leading to faster and more effective treatment interventions for stroke patients.

Dr Irvine’s lecture stood out among a highly competitive field of candidates, showcasing his passion for enhancing healthcare delivery and outcomes for stroke patients.

Delighted to receive the award, Dr Irvine said, “ I am honoured to receive this award. It is a testament to all the hard work I have undertaken and to the collaborative efforts of the Stroke Team within the Ulster Hospital who are committed to providing the best possible care for our stroke patients.”

Congratulating Dr Irvine on receiving this prestigious award, Consultant Physician, Dr Mark Bowman added, “We are very proud that Dr Irvine has been awarded the RCP Turner Warwick prize. His successful application to an ‘ADEPT’ fellowship to develop simulation work in the Ulster Hospital was an ambitious project, as no previous similar work has been carried out across Northern Ireland.

“Dr Irvine developed and delivered a high fidelity training format along with a regional network of interested facilitators, including myself and Dr Kevin Dynan, by delivering hyper-acute stroke simulation across Northern Ireland.  He developed, implemented and facilitated the simulation across multiple sites and now aspires to sustainability of the work for the future through engagement with the Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency. He presents this impressive work modestly and confidently demonstrates the value in hyper-acute stroke simulation training by simulating the management of a person presenting in the first few hours of their stroke, a time-critical period for giving treatment and improving outcomes.”

As the recipient of the Turner Warwick Prize, Dr Irvine joins an esteemed group of physicians who have made outstanding contributions to the medical field. His lecture will serve as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals seeking to improve door-to-needle times and ultimately, enhance the quality of care provided to stroke patients.

The Turner Warwick Prize provides a sense of pride, builds confidence and gives encouragement to trainees across the United Kingdom. The scheme not only underlines the value trainees bring to healthcare, but also fosters skills like public speaking and how to package information for diverse medical audiences.