Swann commends military medical technicians

25th October 2021

On Saturday afternoon, Health Minister Robin Swann visited the Ulster Hospital where he commended military medical technicians for their help and support in easing the pressures on hospitals in Northern Ireland.

The latest request for military assistance was the third since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Minister personally thanked the CMTs when he met them recently just ahead of their departure from Northern Ireland.  He said: “I welcome the support provided by the medical technicians since the outset of the pandemic. This has been a practical step towards easing some of the burden facing our health and social care system, one which has been welcomed by staff across the system.

“The HSC system in Northern Ireland has been under considerable pressure for some time and is likely facing into a very challenging winter.  Any relief provided by the CMTs during their time here is to be welcomed.  I wish them well as they move on to whatever new challenge awaits them.”

Lead Nurse Roisin Devlin and Clinical Manager Katharine Dane echoed the Minister’s statement, explaining how the CMTs have played a critical role at the hospital during their stay and have mixed with the hospital staff and patients brilliantly.