“They came into my life when I needed advice & support” – Family Nurse Partnership Programme Celebrates Achievements

7th December 2022
Family Nursing Programme Team

A Christmas Graduation Party celebrating the successful completion of the Family Nurse Partnership Programme has taken place in Lisburn for 75 local parents. The party was filled with fun activities acknowledge the achievement of the parents, with Colin Sure Start providing sensory play along with Christmas arts and crafts for both mothers and children. Joe Jingles provided a great sing-a-long and the party ended with a surprise visit from Santa, who delivered some special gifts for the children just in time for Christmas!

The Family Nurse Programme is a voluntary preventative initiative for first time teenage mothers and is structured around intensive home visits delivered by specialist ‘Family Nurses’ from early pregnancy up until the child is two years old. During the visits, the Nurse interacts with each parent providing information on personal health, environmental health, life course development, maternal role, family and friends, and health and human services.

When asked about the benefits of being part of the programme, a participant said, “To be honest when I first found out I was going to have a Family Nurse all those months ago, I was very unsure.  I didn’t think a stranger would care or understand. However, it was the opposite. They came into my life when I needed advice and support more than ever. Every step of the way they helped me feel more confident and helped me become the Mum I am today”.

Family Nurse Supervisor, Roisin Neill added, “The Family Nurse Partnership Team is really proud of all the dedication and commitment their clients have given to the programme which aims to give their children the best start in life. We wish them every success in the future”.