Thompson House Hospital Gives Back to the Local Community at Christmas Time

16th December 2022

The best Christmas traditions are often born out of a simple act of kindness and this is exactly how the Thompson House Hospital ‘Giving Tree’ came to life nearly 8 years ago.

Essential Lifestyle Plan Coordinator, Beverly Allen loves Christmas and each year she makes sure to spread as much joy and happiness as possible around Thompson House Hospital, a specialist unit that provides rehabilitation to patients with severe neurological disabilities.

The ‘Giving Tree’ was born out of Beverly’s drive to help those in need. She had noticed how many Christmas cards were left unopened until well into the new year and felt that the time and money that went into this could be better spent. A donation box is left beside the ‘Giving Tree’ and anyone who would like to take part leaves a donation amount of their choice in the box and writes their chosen charity on a card, which is then hung on the tree. Once Christmas arrives, one card is selected at random and all the money collected is donated to the named charity. This initiative has raised an amazing £1000 over previous years.

Beverly wrote the following poem to explain the sentiment behind the ‘Giving Tree’;


They say Tis the season when we should be jolly,

And all over the place we see tinsel and holly.

We buy presents, see friends and enjoy Christmas fayre,

While some others feel lonely, ill or despair.

While we can’t solve all problems, lets at least play a part,

By suggesting a charity close to our heart.

Write a card, spare a little for others to see,

What can be achieved by our ‘Giving Tree’.

It may not be a fortune, but remember this folks,

From little acorns, grow enormous big Oaks!


Encouraging her colleagues and visitors to take part has not been a difficult task, Beverly explained, “Thinking of others at Christmas time is very important, the nature of the ‘Giving Tree’ captures this spirit very well. People are so kind each year, I am always amazed with their generosity. It is really great to see so many staff and visitors take part in this lovely tradition each year.”