Melanie’s involvement in the Macmillan Chemotherapy Redesign Programme Board

27th October 2021

The South Eastern Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support would like to acknowledge the late Melanie Kennedy’s involvement in the Macmillan Chemotherapy Redesign Programme Board.

As a service user Melanie, who was a mother two boys, worked closely with us and helped shape the wonderful environment that has been created. Melanie sadly lost her battle with cancer in September 2020 aged 43 years.

Melanie’s family had a personal tour of the unit before it opened and received a token of appreciation on behalf of the programme board from Mary Jo Thompson Interim Assistant Director Medicine and Cancer and Laura Scott, Ward Manager, Macmillan Unit. The gift was the actual ceramic plate designed by Melanie and depicted both the mark Melanie made on the clay at the workshop and the mark she made on all members of the programme board.

Melanie’s sister Melissa said,

 “Melanie was honoured to be a patient representative on the Macmillan chemotherapy redesign programme board and was delighted to see that the new unit incorporates many patient centred ideas. These improve the patients’ experience and lift their spirits by fostering a community atmosphere.”

Mary Jo Thompson Interim Asst. Director Medical Specialties & Cancer Services, South Eastern Trust stressed,

“The unit is a fabulous facility and has been really enhanced by the input of our service users in shaping the artwork within the unit. Melanie was a pleasure to work with.”

Janice Preston, Head of Partnerships for Macmillan in NI added,

“The environments in which people are cared for are vital to their comfort, dignity and wellbeing. We are so grateful for Melanie’s support to shape the Macmillan Unit and improve care for people affected by cancer.”