Trust Celebrates a Night of Diversity

29th September 2023

Staff from across the globe, who work in the South Eastern Trust came together to celebrate a night of diversity at an event in Ards Hospital which featured food, music and dance from a range of different cultures.

The vibrant event celebrated the rich tapestry of cultures in the South Eastern Trust.

The Trust has always been committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse environment, recognising that a diverse workforce enhances the quality of patient care. The event gave our staff an opportunity to appreciate the unique skills, experiences and perspectives that staff from all over the world bring to the Trust.

The evening featured a variety of activities which highlighted the cultural diversity within the healthcare community, including traditional music, dance performances and a global cuisine showcase. Those attending had the opportunity to engage with staff from different countries to learn about their backgrounds and gain a deeper understanding of the diverse cultures that contribute to the excellence of our healthcare delivery in the Trust.

Equality Officer, Shauna Flynn said, “It is important for the South Eastern Trust to showcase the beauty of diversity and the strength of unity. Through dance, food and shared stories, we are reminded that our differences only enrich our shared vision.

“This celebration underscores the Trust’s dedication to creating an environment that values and respects the diversity of the workforce.”

Chair of the Multi-Cultural Forum, Rafait O’Rourke commented, “Every culture adds to our shared story. The event in Ards Hospital provided an opportunity to celebrate the diversity that strengthens the South Eastern Trust.  It was so lovely to see so many come along to share the event. I

Downe Hospital Staff Nurse, Christeena Seraphin who attended the event added, “The event was lovely, it was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our differences and try to understand each other. I really appreciate the Trust organising this. I have made a lot of friends here and I am glad to spend time with them.”

Ulster Hospital Outpatient Staff Nurse, Fatima Farah said, “I was so happy to attend the event and to meet other international nurses. I have been here in Northern Ireland for one year now and I love it. Everyone I meet are all angels, they are so kind to me.”