Ulster Hospital Recruits 600th Patient for Pioneering Stroke Research Study

9th February 2024
6 members of the Ulster Hospital Stroke Research Team stand in front of pop-up stands highlighting their work

The South Eastern Trust’s Stroke Research Team has recruited their 10th patient – bringing the total to 600 recruited as part of the ground breaking ‘MAPS-2’ trial, a study in avoiding pneumonia, which is common after an acute stroke.

Stroke is the second most common cause of death worldwide and the foremost cause of complex disability in the UK.

Led by Consultant Physician for Care of Older People living with Stroke and Frailty, Dr Mark Bowman, in conjunction with the University of Nottingham, the study will test ways of preventing pneumonia in patients who have had a stroke.

Dr Bowman said, “It is a great privilege to support patients presenting to the Ulster hospital with stroke and provide them with this opportunity to participate in research which aims to find new ways of helping others with the same condition.”

The most common cause of pneumonia in stroke patients is the inhalation of regurgitated stomach content. The study aims to reduce gastric reflux and vomiting by the early use of a common anti sickness medication (Metoclopramide). A previous small study showed promising results but was too small to be certain if treatment was effective. The purpose of this larger study is to test whether this drug can prevent death and pneumonia in patients who have had a stroke.

Commenting on the Ulster Hospital team, Trial Manager for MAPS 2 Dr Lesia Kurlak said, “You have started the New Year maintaining the same momentum as you had in 2023. Having enrolled the 600th patient is fantastic and very important work. Thank you.”