Trust Theatre Team Receives Department Of Health Award For Outstanding Work

24th July 2023
Jeni Hamilton with the multi-disciplinary team of staff

A team of theatre staff in the South Eastern HSC Trust is celebrating receiving a “High-Performance Award” from the Department of Health’s Permanent Secretary, Peter May for outstanding work over the last three years. The team has improved ways of working in all theatres to maximise productivity and minimise surgical delays.

The Covid-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges for theatre staff.  The “Building Back Better Project Team” was inspired by the Health Minister’s Elective Care Framework, which outlined the challenge for HSC Trusts to deliver increased productivity “in-house”.  As a result, the multi-disciplinary team of staff identified the challenges and implemented initiatives to minimise surgical delays which included:

  • Multi-disciplinary theatre planning meetings involving all specialties and all stakeholders in the flow of patients to and from theatre;
  • Specialty specific lists allowing better organisation of resources between Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Theatre Nursing staff and wards;
  • Longer operating sessions;
  • Daily staff work co-ordination by the Theatre Coordinator and Duty Anaesthetist;
  • Adaptability and flexibility in the use of operating sessions depending on staff availability.

Awarding the team for their incredible work, Peter May said, “The achievements of the multi-disciplinary team in increasing productivity and output across elective and emergency surgery is to be applauded. I would like to thank the team for their continuing hard work, commitment, and dedication to driving efficiencies across the service.”

Chief Executive, Roisin Coulter congratulated staff and added, “This is a wonderful achievement and a well-deserved award. The team works incredibly hard to care for our patients and ensure they receive the surgery they need as safely and as quickly as possible. I am so proud of them.”

Clinical Manager, Jeni Hamilton commented, “I am delighted that every Nurse, Anaesthetist, Surgeon, Administration Staff and many others who have worked so hard over the last three years to improve the patient care we provide in our elective and emergency perioperative services has been recognised.  I am extremely proud of the dedication of all the staff who have worked tirelessly to review and improve systems for patients. They really are at the heart of everything we do.”