Warmest Wishes Paid to Lisburn’s Breastfeeding Support Volunteer as She Prepares For Career in Nursing

7th February 2024
A group of mothers of the Breastfeeding cohort sitting in a room with babies

An attendee at the Breastfeeding Support group for close to 20 years, Breastfeeding Peer Support Volunteer Laura Nokes joined mums and tots at Lisburn’s library to celebrate embarking on her training and vocation in becoming a paediatric nurse.

Breastfeeding Project Lead Jacqui Henning described Laura as an “integral part of the Support Group” and an “invaluable supporter to other mums who attend the group.”

“Laura has helped this group in so many ways over the years. Five years ago Laura trained in the very first cohort of breastfeeding volunteers within the South Eastern Trust area. Laura has been an extremely valuable part of that team because of her vast experience of breastfeeding her own 10 children. I am delighted that she is happy to remain as a volunteer within the team as she moves forward with her new career.”

“We’d like to wish Laura every success in her new path and know that she will be a valuable part of that team.”