“We may not have it all together, but together we have it all” – a reflection on national adoption week

24th October 2022
Image 4: Acting Chairman, Jonathan Patton viewing the photographs

During National Adoption Week 2022 Acting Chairman of the South Eastern H&SC Trust, Jonathan Patton met with Social Work staff to unveil a montage of photograph.  Each photograph represented life in adoptive families. The photos were kindly donated by adoptive families across the South Eastern Trust area.

To mark the event a coffee morning was organised where Acting Chairman, Jonathan Patton, found out about the different backgrounds each adoptive child.

Social Work staff and managers were able to talk about the work they undertake and the complexity of the work involved in supporting these children. Jonathan Patton also heard about the challenges in which they face, but most importantly the rewards they receive while working within the Trust’s adoption services.

For a number of young people, adoption is the final outcome of their journey through the care system.

One family shared a quote that captured their reflections as an adoptive family, “We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.”

Principal Social Worker in Adoption Services, Pamela Robinson explained that Adoption provides a valuable sense of family and the stability that children need to progress positively through their earlyyears and beyond.

“This a lifelong commitment that adopters make to these children. Each adoptive family is unique and the opportunity for family life that these adoptive parents provide for children is immeasurable and greatly valued by the Trust.”

National Adoption Week attracted over 50 prospective adoptive parents.