Winter Walk-Ins – COVID-19 Vaccinations

19th November 2021
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We are now offering FIRST, SECOND AND BOOSTER vaccinations across our vaccination centres.


BOOSTER UPDATE AS OF TUESDAY 30TH NOVEMBER: Anyone aged over 50, who received their second dose 3 months previous, can now receive their COVID-19 Booster. Those aged 40-49 can receive their Booster if they received their second dose 6 months previous.

First Dose PFIZER: Aged 12-17 (if tested positive for COVID-19, must wait 12 weeks before vaccination) and over 18s.

Second Dose PFIZER: Aged 16/17 who are 12 weeks from first dose OR 12 weeks following a positive COVID-19 test result (whichever is later) and over 18s.

Boosters: 40-49 year olds who are 6 months from their second dose and over 50s who are 3 months from their second dose.

Online booking is available for:
First Dose PFIZER: 12-17 year olds
Second Dose PFIZER: 16/17 year olds
BOOSTERS: 40-49 year olds

PLEASE NOTE: Walk-in FIRST & SECOND DOSE vaccinations are still available for anyone over the age of 18, and walk-in BOOSTERS are still available for anyone over the age of 40.

Book online: Get Vaccinated – COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Northern Ireland (

Free parking available, please follow the signs.

Ulster Hospital Acute Services Block
Monday-Thursday, 9am-7.30pm
Friday-Sunday, 9am-4pm

Lisburn Primary and Community Care Centre
Monday & Wednesday, 9.30am-7pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, 9.30am-4pm

Downshire Hospital, Great Hall
Saturday & Sunday, 9.30am-3.30pm

Those attending for vaccination must bring photographic ID or proof of address/DOB and where possible a Health & Care Number and the date of your previous vaccination.