Women Hear How ‘Knowledge is Power’ at Menopause Café

11th March 2024
L-R Dr Gwyneth Hinds, participant Perpetua Burns and Senior Social Work Practitioner Judy Bingham.

The Menopause Café held at Ballynahinch’s Millbrook Lodge Hotel has been hailed  as “an empowering and informative evening.”

Facilitated by retired renowned breast surgeon Dr Gwyneth Hinds, the Café aims to raise awareness of this often taboo subject and to provide support for women living with this, at times, misunderstood issue.

Dr Hinds stressed how “gut health and a good diet is important when managing the symptoms of menopause.”

Dr Hinds said, “I think it is really important that women are getting the right information when it comes to managing menopause symptoms, as a lot of information out there on social media and the internet may not be the best thing for them. It’s good that the women here at this event are getting evidence based information.”

Perpetua Burns who attended the Menopause Café explained how conversations around the menopause “used to be a taboo subject but it’s out in the media now and we need to talk about our bodies as knowledge is power.”

“There are women here who may not have talked about the menopause before, whereas you come to the Café and talk to other people and get to hear of things that can help.”

Senior Social Work Practitioner Judy Bingham, who was one of the coordinators of the event said, “There is a lot of peer support here and a lot of sharing of information. These events are about breaking the stigma around the menopause and they are about giving women control over their futures and how they treat their menopause symptoms.”

Information on further upcoming Menopause Cafés will be posted on the South Eastern Trust website, Facebook and X feeds.