Young Volunteer Makes A Difference In Downe Hospital

19th February 2024
Patrick Majorczyk with Patient Bernard McAlea

“It is so important to volunteer, it provides a sense of purpose and achievement. It is so much more than a selfless gesture, it’s an investment in personal fulfilment and giving something back to the local community.”  These are the words of Patrick Majorczyk a sixth-form student who volunteers as a Meeter and Greeter in the Downe Hospital every week.

Student Volunteering Week runs from 12 – 18 February, it is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the remarkable contributions our young volunteers make every day across hospitals and community facilities in the South Eastern Trust.

Being a Meeter and Greeter for Patrick is more than showing patients and visitors around the Downe Hospital, it is about extending warmth and assistance along with a strong desire to support and help those most in need.

Explaining why volunteering is important to him, Patrick said “As a Meeter and Greeter, I help visitors and patients find their way to wards and departments in the Downe Hospital and greet them with a warm welcome.  As a current student, my passion and motivation to pursue a medical degree have come from my desire to serve and support my local community.

“Through volunteering, I am able to meet a diverse range of people as well as develop my communication and critical thinking skills.  I can support areas that align with my values and work towards making a difference in the health care profession.”

Highlighting the valuable work young volunteers undertake, Volunteer Services Manager, Sonya Duffy added, “ Our younger volunteers are truly inspiring individuals.  They sometimes do not realise just how brilliant they are.  We see our younger volunteers flourish through their volunteer journey within the Trust  Very quickly, with support and encouragement from staff, they build confidence, gain new skills and recognise their abilities.

“It is so lovely to watch our young volunteers become stronger individuals and reach their goals. Volunteers make a positive impact and improve the experience of patients in our hospitals and community facilities. Volunteering is much more than lending a helping hand, it is a gateway for young individuals to experience new opportunities.”

Through his volunteer journey, Patrick has developed his skills and discovered his strengths and passions, laying a solid foundation for his future career pathway.

There are a range volunteering opportunities available within the Downe Hospital.  If you are over 16 years of age and interested in a volunteering role, please contact or by visiting